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Our Faculty


  • Name             Mrs. Nalini Ramankutty, B.A.
    Experience    18 years
    About Her      She is an adept in bringing out the best in a toddler. All our activities are incomplete without her.
  • Name             Mrs. Satyabhama Iyer
    Experience    15 years
    About Her      She is a very good teacher with a sound experience of 15 years. She possesses very good communication skills.
  • Name             Mrs. Sapna C Kotyan
    Experience    5 years
    About Her      Soft spoken, She is out and out creative. In her 5yrs journey with us, she marks every day with some novelty to treasure.

  • Name             Mrs. Girija T C
    Experience    6 years
    About Her      Meticuluos is the word that defines her. She has been suppoting us with her qualities of discipline and well planned execution of all types of work for 6yrs. She participated in the 'ISA Programme' conducted by British Council. She was accredited by the gta program conducted by British Council for her research paper.
  • Name             Mrs. Deepali Mane
    About Her      She with her motherly and friendly approach inspires children overcome truancy and initiates them to learn. She participated in the 'ISA Programme' conducted by british council.

  • Name             Mrs. Shravani Sasikumar Gurav
    Experience    12 years
    Designation    Hindi
    About Her      She is highly disciplined and quick-paced in all her works. She fosters her students with her motherly love and care.
  • Name             Mr. Rajendra Mangaokar
    Experience    13 years
    Designation    PT and Marathi
    About Her      He conquers the heart of the children with his amicable behaviour. He is always receptive to new ideas and loves to organise picnics for children.
  • Name             Mrs. Shruti Anil Kirloskar
    Experience    16 years
    Designation    Hindi and Marathi
    About Her      She possesses exemplary qualities like hard working, entrepreneurship, amiability and willingness to herald any challenge. She participated in the isa programme conducted by british council. She was the co-ordinator of The School Enterprise Challenge conducted by teach a man to fish.
  • Name             Mrs. Sindhu Vinojkumar
    Experience    8 years
    Designation    History and Geography
    About Her      She has made her own imprints with her meticulous planning, expertise in performance, disciplined in everywork she takes up and completes it with perfection to the Tee. She participated in the isa programme conducted by british council.
  • Name             Mrs. Lekshmi Surjith
    Experience    5 years
    Designation    English
    About Her      she is good in documentation and innovation. she participated in the ISA Programme conducted by british council.

  • Name             Mrs. Prachi Sawant
    Experience    11 years
    Designation    Incharge Administration

  • Name             Mrs. Radhika Vinayraj Nair
    Experience    1 year
    Designation    Accountant

  • Name             Mr. Avinash Kurkute
    Experience    13 years
    Designation    School Assistant

  • Name             Mrs. Saraswati Sonar
    Experience    10 years
    Designation    School Assistant

  • Name             Dhandevi Master
    Experience    8 years
    Designation    School Assistant

  • Name             Sangeeta Ramachandra Bandhkar

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