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Principal's Foreward

     "Knowledge is as essential as food and no one should be denied access to it."

     These words of swami Vidyadhiraja form the basis of the work of Vidyadhiraja High School.

     Its a dream that was envisioned to shake a society out of its sad state and make a resurgent society in its place. And so at Vidyadhiraja we weave a flurry of possibilities and another set of unrealistic goals to create a pattern of different choices, activities, academic styles, developmental changes, emotional strengthening and mental equanimity catering to each and every child. It's a new pack of possibilities and goals and hence the challenges keep growing year after year.

     Last year helped us to realize that we are numerouno. With shoestring budget, shrinking space, small scale resources we proved repeatedly that our students and teachers had it in them to win at the Royal Commonwealth Essay competition year after year, get the ISA accredition the second time in a row(2012-15, 2015-18) from the British Council, again one more student from the school headed to the U.S for a years exchange study program and all this coupled with 100% result at the board exams.

    This year promises to be even more colourful. 100% results at the first batch H.S.C exam augurs bigger achievements in the days to come. Disciplining with Military training, sharpening technological skills with computers and participating in more international programs will certainly be the new themes incorporated with the already stringent academic and co-curricular schedules.

     Fine tuning of the meritorious students and remedial intervention by experts will be the highlight of this year. We hope to spark new directions in social change, environmental makeover, cleanliness programs and scientific explorations.

    With 'Dreams' as our theme, I can imagine the fluidity of ideas and flexibility of approaches by each one of us teachers to be the backbone of this year's panorama. This is all what I see but experience teaches me that the horizons of Vidyadhiraja are filled with more successes for the school than what our mortal eyes can see. With best wishes to each and everyone of us and congratulations to all who are supporting us let us embark on the superb soul stirring journey of fun learning.

Mrs Jayashree Raveendran [ Headmistress ]

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