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Rules And Regulations


The Original Birth Certificate should be submitted at the time of joining the school. In case of a transfer, the original school-leaving certificate should be submitted. An amount equivalent to a month's tuition fee will be charged as admission fee.

Course Of Studies

The Course of studies is according to the syllabus laid down by the department of education, Maharashtra State. However a large number of activities are arranged for training the child in many of the finer skills.


Leaving certificate will be issued in case the parent so requires at any stage of the study of the child.

Co-curricular Activities

Special emphasis is given to sports and fine arts to ensure a strong, well-developed body and mind. Participation of all children in such activities is mandatory.

Medical Exam

Medical examination is conducted at least once a year by a qualified medical doctor to help maintain physical and mental alertness of the child. Follow up is made wherever necessary.


In case of any sickness or other reasons for the child's absence, the school should be intimated on the first day itself. This helps to keep track of all the activities that the child has not attended or learnt.

Late Coming

Late arrivals and early departures will not be granted except in emergencies.


Students are expected to come to school in neat and clean uniform. This helps to maintain uniformity in hygiene and status of the child. In order to inculcate qualities of concentration and equality it is necessary to see that the child is sent to school with minimum or no ornaments.

Textbooks And Notebooks

The child is expected to bring all necessary books and other required materials for the successful completion of topics covered in the class.

Birthday Celebrations

In order to ensure quality in the class parents are requested not to distribute any gift on the occasion of birthday celebration.


There is a very basic examination for the child in the K.G Classes. The child is regularly observed on day-to-day basis and the results are communicated to the parents. The School takes full responsibility to ensure that the child reached optimum level of learning as required for a particular class. Parents are requested to refrain from sending wards to other teachers or tuition centres. However a minimum amount of homework is given to the child in order to communicate to the parents what is done in the school as well as to make learning enjoyable at home. Parents are encouraged to come to school for all the competitions. They can meet the teachers otherwise before or after school hours.All school exams are conducted in total conformation with the rules and regulations provided by the Educational Departments from time to time. Average of all the exams conducted through out the year is used to estimate a child's progress in that year. Prizes are given to children for securing the highest position in each class. Students are also trained for the other exams conducted such as the Scholarship exam, Maths talent, Hindi, Marathi and such other exams conducted by various educational organizations.Our children have won a number of prizes at these interschool competitions.

School Fees

The School fees have to be paid for all the 12 months of the year. Parents must pay fees before the 15th of every month after which a nominal fine will be charged. The fees for the months of Feb and March should be paid in February itself and that for the months of April and May should be paid in the month of March itself. The timings for payment of school fees are as follows: Timing: 11a.m to 2p.m (only between 1st and 15th of the month.) All parents are requested to bring the fee-card at the time of payment of fees.

Transport Facility

Transport facility is provided to those desirous of the same. At present this facility is available from Bhandup(W), Mulund Sarvodaya Nagar and Bhandup(E) and shall be extended to other areas depending on need. Those taking advantage of the same will have to pay the charges for the months of April and May too. Students of Playgroup and K.G classes must wear the identity badges. There is separate identity badge for students using the school transport. All belongings of students like bag,water bottle etc must bear the name and class of the student.

Parent-Teachers Meeting

Parent-Teachers meetings are held fequently. Notices are issued for such meetings. Parents are requested to attend the meetings without fail. Preferably both parents should attend the meeting to keep a track of their child's progress.

Change of Address

Parents are requested to intimate promptly any changes in the residential address or telephone number.

Read the School calender for further details.

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